Friday, July 15, 2016

My Summer in Korea 2016 (Day 2)


Day 2: Gangchon Rail Park ➡ Nami Island ➡ Myeongdong

I have been wanting to go to the rail park since I saw Running Man did their shooting there. So when I saw Maliha's post on Instagram, I asked for her assistance straight away. Did some intense research along the way (me and researching... I might be better off in R&D sector -_-"). I decided to book the ticket beforehand via online as the tickets might sold out if I were to buy the tix on the day itself.

Cuba bayang kalau tak beli tiket online, dari Seoul ke sana je dah 2 jam setengah. Tetiba tiket habis tak ke haruuuu? Menangis doploh hampat jam aku di situ. Membazir masa saja kan? After some research, I decided to buy the rail bike ticket through an agent: Funtastic Korea. (You can click on the link I attached there. You are most welcome.) It costs ₩25,000 for 2-seater bike, NOT per head. Got the confirmation email, settle satu benda.

Since it will take 2 hours plus from Seoul to Gimyujeong station in Chuncheon, we started our day early. Woke up at 5.30am, had our breakfast and off we go by 7am. Transferred several lines (3 times!) and we finally reached Gimyujeong station by 9.35am. Just in time for our rail bike session at 10am.
Isn't the station's building beautiful?

Fell in loveeeeee with the rail park! Just look at that wall! Books and books! *starry eyes*

The safety instructions was delivered in Korean. Thankfully saya ni peminat tegar drama Korea kan, haruslah saya faham sedikit & terjemahkan untuk ummi. Buat malu mengaku drama addict kalau tak mampu nak faham. Basically-- jangan lupa pakai seat belt, beg letak bawah seat, handphone & kamera jaga jangan bagi jatuh, lepas tu kalau jarak dekat sangat dengan orang depan, jangan lupa tekan break.

Alhamdulillah cycle session pukul 10pagi, matahari pun masih malu malu so tidaklah kami macam udang kena panggang atau ketam kena masak (kemerahan maksudnya). 8km of cycling along the abandoned train track with exceptional views. Subhanallah!

The bridge that will lead to the shuttle bus back to Gimyujeong Station. 
Habis cycling, sampai tempat rehat, makan aiskrim 10 minit, then sambung naik Romantic Train for 30mins to reach Gangchon Rail Park. But since we started our cycle from Gimyujeong station, we have to return back by provided shuttle bus. Tapi nak ke tempat menunggu shuttle bus tu pun kena menapak dalam 15 minit. Kaki dah kalah SNSD (berangan).

Now off we go to Nami Island. It takes about 20 mins from Gimyujeong station to Gapyeong station. From Gapyeong station, we took a cab that costs us ₩4,000 to the Nami Wharf (ferry terminal to Nami Island).
The entrance ticket for Nami Island is ₩8,000 for foreigners (ferry tix included). One thing that I noticed about Korea, they are really accommodating to foreigners. Koreans have to pay ₩10,000. I mean, don't usually a country would give benefits to it's citizens?

The famous Namiseom! 

As it's already afternoon, we decided to go for lunch & pray first before exploring the island. Formerly, I considered the famous Nasi Goncang at Drama Cafe, but later I found out that there is another Halal-certified eatery right here in Nami Island; Dongmoon: Asian Cuisine.

I chose Bulgogi Kimchi Bibimbab & my mother had Nasi Goreng Kimchi. It costs ₩20,000 if I'm not mistaken.
The prayer room is at Level 2F at the next building (Picture Book Library) from the restaurant. Very convenient!
Exploring Namiseom begins soon after that.

Winter Sonata was the only Korean drama that my late beloved grandmother watched. I watched it through DVD that I bought after SPM. Those were the days. Sekarang ni download or streaming online saja ma... A picture with my ex-housemate's first love. My first love is Seol Gong Chan, acted by Lee Dong Wook ❤

Along the famous trees in Winter Sonata.

We left the Island around 4.50pm and reached Seoul by 7pm, which my mother later decided that she wanted to go to Myeongdong street. Bought several things and we walked back to our apartment. More exciting places on Day 3! Gahhh, I can not wait. 

Love, N

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