Friday, June 24, 2016

The Sudden Urge.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Gitu kan, tetiba dah terasa sangatlah kekok nak menulis. I thought I would never lose the perks to write here since the first day I decided to open up a blog in 2007. Tetiba dah jadi student medik, terlalu sibuk (kononnya), sampaikan dah terhakis elemen sastera dalam diri (gedik sangat please). Medical stuffs took away so much from me.

Dan alhamdulillah, setelah 6 tahun setengah bergelut dan berjuang, saya dah graduate! Hoyeah! So I am now an MBBCh degree holder. Takde apa nak dibanggakan pun sebab sampai sekarang pun masih menganggur. Hahah. I'm enjoying the bits and pieces as an unemployed lady, waiting to be posted in a hospital... somewhere. InshaAllah, please make loads of duaa for me yeah? If you ever wondered (hmm kalau lah, kalau), if I have given up on writing... the answer is NO. I am still fond of literature and languages. I write somewhere else, though. Thanks to Instagram, I am able to write lengthy captions alongside beautiful photos. HAHAHA.

So why the sudden urge?

I am actually planning for my last escapade before venturing into the career world, all on my own. So I read tons (literally heaps) of blogs to give me ideas on what to expect for my adventure. Huh. More like stealing people's tips and itinerary ;p I diligently read hundreds of blog posts so that I can be well-planned. Alhamdulillah, I'm done with my own itinerary. All there's left is to execute the plan! Now, upon reading all those blogs, a sudden urge came and I kinda found the passion again to re-open my own blog.

So tadahhh. I can't promise that I'll write often but I think this is a good start:) I sort of want to document my adventure here later inshaAllah. Till then.

Love, N

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