Monday, June 27, 2016

60 Days of Summer in UK (Part 3)

I could have wrote the title as Summer in Manchester, but why did I chose to write it as UK in general? That is because... I had the privilege of travelling to other places on the weekends! *fireworks and shooting stars* You see, I busted myself off during weekdays by working in the hospital and it's a given that since I'm already in Manchester, why don't I travel to other places as well, right? *grins*

So for the first 3 weeks, like a devoted daughter, I stayed at home on the weekends. My adventures began when my family came down to London to celebrate the Eidul Fitr with me! Yay! I took the train from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston station. I arrived at 11pm, late at night, I know but I couldn't do anything about it as I only managed to get off work around 3pm and my train is at 7pm. I was a tad bit nervous honestly as that was my first time travelling alone to London via train. I've been on a flight alone several times before so I'm okay with flights. So after that, I took the Underground and alighted at Queensway station, where my mother and Ammar already waited for me outside the station. Hoorah!
Finally reunited with my mummy!
So usually for the past years, the tradition on the night of Eidul Fitr is-- final touch on home deco & savoring abundance of delicioso foods. This time around, we spent it by shopping at Bicester Village! (By far the best outlets I've ever been to. Cheshire Oak and JPO is no match).

My family and I, at Malaysia High Commission, London, after Eidul Fitr prayer. 
We basically spent the first day of Eid with sight seeing (and more shopping, obviously). We went to Harrods, and some other places that I couldn't exactly remember. Probably we went to Tower Bridge and Big Ben after that. Or not.

Harrods' teddy and I ♥

Based on this picture, I am finally aware that Harrods and Tower Bridge didn't happen on the same day. We went here after spent our morning at Portobello Market and Baker Street! A street market which sells quirky and antic things. This area also famous for the drama location of Notting Hill by Hugh Grant. Awww! Where's my Hugh Grant, though? Still no where in sight and to be seen. Hmmmm.

Did you notice something I wrote earlier? I went to Baker Street! And that associates with what? My heart-throb-- Sherlock Holmes! *inserts a perky high pitched voice* Yes, I was able to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum only on the third time of my visit to London. Gahhh, as an avid fan of Mystery and Crime genre, this feeds my soul. *glistening eyes*

I'll write more on my adventures, inshaAllah! Till then.

Love, N

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