Sunday, June 26, 2016

60 days of Summer in UK (Part 2)

So onto my days in Emergency Department of Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester. ED is hardcore and brutal. I had the privilege of having Dr Niamh Collins as my supervisor this time, an Irish lady doctor with so much passion in her work. Ahhh, I miss her!

My war zone.
My first day of ED, I had to tailed Dr Niamh everywhere she went as I need to familiarize myself with the surrounding. The above picture is a Resus bay (basically the place for patients with MVA, heart attack, stroke, major burns, fall from height and even seizures), then we have a Major HDU (patients with not so critical situations and can wait for treatment) and Minor HDU.
I miss those pandas :'( 
I was struggling to adapt with ED and blend with its people as my hands are rather limited of help. Bummer. Unlike Paeds, every specialists from other specialties came down to ED to review and give consult to patients that need their expertise. I met loads of inspiring doctors from Cardiology, Anesthetic, Gastro, Neuro and even Interventional Radiology! Hmm whenever the time permits, semestinya lah aku juga akan turut menyibuk di celah celah resus bay, tolong catit progress pesakit, ambil tekanan darah, temperature, tolong gunting baju, tolong angkat, tolong tolak katil untuk ambil xray dan CT scan. Aku juga turut menyibuk bertanyakan soalan soalan ke doktor hahaha.

If I am lucky that day, or when I am lucky to meet a doctor who is willing to teach, like Dr Papavasilleu, Dr Fiona, Dr Matthew Davenport or Dr Anthony, I will have the opportunity to actually clerk the patient first (by asking for their history from next of kin or the patient themselves) before presenting the case to the doctor-in-charged.

During those times, terasa bergunalah juga diriku ini.....

If during my Paeds attachment I was anxious to be home by 5.30pm, in ED, I even willingly stayed until 7.30pm before I decided to call the day off. Well, maghrib is at 9.45pm and I have no one waiting for me at home (except for my lil sister whom our daddy sent her to stay with me for a month) so there's nothing to rush.
Hi everyone, meet my new German friend, Caroline!
She was also an elective posting student attached to ED.
My batchmates from Mansoura Univ, Egypt with the Manchester Medical School administration on our farewell lunch :)

I must admit the 6 weeks attachment was a refreshing experience for me, in dealing with patients and giving insights on what kind of doctor I want to be later on in life. Through this opportunity, I also gained a lot of confidence that I didn't know I had it in me. Alhamdulillah, I am forever grateful. 

Love, N

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