Saturday, June 25, 2016

60 days of Summer in UK (Part 1)

I know it has already been a year since I had a blast summer in UK (which means I discard the idea of fasting and celebrating Eid in Malaysia last year). It's all started when my daddy suggested me to take up on the opportunity to do my compulsory elective posting in Manchester's hospital. It took me about a year of preparation as I had to underwent several procedures. First and foremost, I had to sit for the IELTS exam (similar to MUET in Malaysia) and alhamdulillah, I managed to get an overall score of 7.5 which qualifies me for the next step.

An interview with Prof Dr El Said was in due after that, but it was a funny one. As he went through the list of names of the students who applied to go to Manchester, he said: "Okay, I'm satisfied. All of you can go." I was like Whaaaat? That's it? I don't have to give lengthy reasons on why I must be chosen? Hahah, indeed, Allahu Taala made it easy for us. Then. the hard part came. I had to apply for a 4-tier Student Visa to enter UK as I'm not going there for leisure. Went all the way to Cairo in a 3-hours journey so I can have an interview with the British embassy. Again, alhamdulillah, it was a good via-Skype (uhuh, you read that right) interview with the British embassy officer. All there is left is waiting for my passport to be cleared.

Hmm can you imagine the agony of not knowing whether you can acquire your visa or not, and had to rely on faith alone when booking the flight ticket? The tension was horrible. I had too many things on my mind. Abundance of what ifs. Anyways, long story short. I got my visa and all was in due as planned. I boarded Lufthansa flight from Cairo to Manchester, with a 3 hours transit in Frankfurt. Killed my time in the airport as 3 hours didn't really allow me to explore the city more. I'll come back, Frankfurt. Do you copy?

I arrived in Manchester late at night, blessed to have my junior, Atifah whom was kind enough to pick me up at the airport alongside with her husband. After the long hours of travelling, I finally reached my so-called home for the upcoming 8 weeks. I rented a room from a Malaysian student in Manchester who went back to Malaysia for the summer-- receiving help from my dearest primary school friend, Maliha. Thank you so much, Maliha! You have been nothing but a savior:')

I was assigned to attach at Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester. Basically one hour bus ride from where I stayed and I even had to change buses to get to the hospital every morning before 8am. My first department is Paediatrics under the tutelage of Dr. Raja Syahanee (YES, a Malay lady doctor! Yay me). She is so awesome, in fact, the entire Paeds team at Salford are. She has worked in UK hospital for more than 10 years if I'm not mistaken. Her husband is an Oncologist, while her brother-in-law, Dr Nik is a Cardiologist working at the same hospital. Inspiring!

Myself, Dr Hanee and Mado, at Salford.
The fascinating thing about Paeds at Salford is, they do not have the in-patient ward. The place works as an ED (Emergency Department). They applied the four-hours rule there- from waiting, to be seen, to be managed and to be discharged. Any patients that require admission can stay in cubicles provided no more than 23 hours 59 minutes. If the patient requires additional care, he/she will be transported out and referred to another hospital.

My days at Paeds department isn't always eventful. Luckily Dr Hanee set up an amazing schedule for me and Mado to follow and thank you Allah for Mado! If not, I might as well be socially retarded in the ward and mostly, bored. At least I have someone whom I can annoy (Hahahaha). All the doctors are so generous and kind, I love how they interact with each other let alone with me. Manners, manners everywhere.

Fasting for nearly 20 hours and had to work at the hospital from 8am-5pm wasn't really that hard. Thanks to Allah for the strength and also... the typical UK weather! It was like winter in Egypt. I barely suffered. The challenge was to stay awake for sahur as I had my iftar at 9.45pm and Subuh was at 2.30am. Normally I would just eat a lot during iftar and skip sahur as sleep is far more important to me. I am not going to yawn every 5 seconds later at the hospital and looking dreadful. That will give me a bad impression to whoever saw it.

The best thing about Paeds was having the opportunity to go for CCN (Children's Community Nurse) session which is a community nursing aims at giving follow-up to the kids at home. For e.g those with rashes / wound / Diabetes. These community nurses will visit each patient's house and follow-up the kids health progress. It was certainly the highlight of my Paeds attachment.

I'll continue about my attachment at ED in the second part, inshaAllah.
Till then.

Love, N

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