Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stairways to heaven.

Kalau sungguh cinta, mesti nak berdua ke syurga. 
Makanya, apa yang membawa ke neraka, 
itu bukan cinta namanya. 

-Hilal Asyraf. 

And so I wonder how can people boldly say that they love someone, then thoughtlessly throw that particular someone into torment and Hell-fire (by doing all sorts of actions which are indicated haram by Islam e.g. holding hands etc). 

I just couldn't comprehend the decisions most people are making nowadays. 

To have a thing for someone that is so near (seeing him every single day at school) but too far to reach by the hands (because confessing is just too mainstream), is somewhat... heartbreaking, devastating and agonizing. Didn't you wish you could just exhale all those feelings out so that you'd be able to breathe normally once again? 

Perasaan ditimpa perasaan tu, bukan semata sesuatu yang indah. 

Suffocated, in this world filled with oxygen is just plainly crazy. 
Kinda like having that drowning feeling to some extend. 
Strange, how can a feeling for someone makes you feel all those things at the same time?
Somehow emotionally exhausted from liking someone like you. 

And how exactly... do you expect yourself to be a wife to that particular someone, to be called a mother by someone, if (in case you hadn't realize) you are still in current state of self? 

#I'm reflecting.