Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here and There. If you still care to read :)


After such a long time ey? It seems like I've lost my passion in writing after being tangled up in medicine (excuses, excuses). Yet again, I don't have a better excuse than that -_-" Sighs. A lil pathetic, I know. So here I am, sneaking time to actually write (more to ramble?) something. Huuuuh.  

I'm back in Mansoura (thankfully, Allah eases my journey through and through. The smoothest journey of going back, ever) and here I am, pursuing medicine as a 4th year medical student :) My heart skips a bit every time I came to realize that, hihi. 

How's life treating me so far, you would ask. 

Hmmm. Hectic, crazy and awesome. As I wrote in my status on Facebook, I wonder if it's even legal to put those words in the same sentence, next to each other. They collide, I know. But that's how it is, my life currently is kinda complicated with every bits of events and incidents I'm experiencing. 

Having almost 400 juniors this year is no joke. 
We, seniors, are handful at managing them. 

It feels surreal sometimes, realizing that I'm in my clinical year already, spending most of my time in the hospital (I'm currently in Chest Department) and our rotation is rather hardcore if being compared to the other two departments (Cardiac and Hematology, that is). My schedule is basically being back and forth from university and the hospital, really. 

Exhausted mind and soul, if you ask me. 

But to think that I was assigned to Chest and Cardiac Department when I did my attachment during last summer hols. *excited face* 

(I believed) I mastered the ability to take history of the patients during last two weeks hihihihi, and I have two more weeks in Chest Department before end-of-round exams on 15th October and moving forward to the either two departments. Goosebumps already, to think that the exam is just around the corner. *bashing my head to the study table* 

Anyways, we (Semester 7 of Manchester students) will make it through, inshaAllah. I just know :) 

Until whenever I could bring myself to write again. 


Afifah Nur. said...

Assalamualaikum Nuha.

Pejam celik, pejam celik, dah tahun ke4 dah. Waaa. Tak lama dah tu bakal bergelar doktor.

All the best ye Nuha. Jaga diri baik- baik :)

I love you.

diANa hARiS said...

first time singgah your blog.. really really nice writing... english kamu sgt cantik and best! saya admire sangat... thanks for sharing =)

Farah said...

Assalamualaikum kak Nuha. Dah lama tak singgah blog ni. Rindu nak baca.

Rasa macam sekejap je kak Nuha dah jadi 4th year student.

All the best! :)