Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brokenhearted Malaysians?

Tons of Malaysians' hearts were broken tonight, I believe. Seeing for the 21st time, Lin Dan defeated Datuk Lee Chong Wei. My heart goes to you, Datuk. You did a job well done, you rise above all else, but it was fated that the gold medal belongs to Lin Dan.

I wonder if Datuk could even sleep tonight, agonizing about his lost. I'm worried, truthfully, wondering if he could compose himself after the epic final match. If I was at his place, perhaps, I already cried my heart out in despair.

How to mend your broken heart?
(Dedicated to all Malaysians who had their hearts broken tonight)

Perhaps..., remind yourself how Datuk Lee Chong Wei made his way this far. His qualification to the Olympics was questionable since he is still in rehabilitation for his previous injuries. On top of that, he was burdened with the news of his father's health. And yet, he still made it to the finals.

Secondly, perhaps you ought to look back on the reasons why Allah Taala didn't let Malaysia to win her first ever gold medal tonight. There are blessings in disguise in everything that happened, there are reasons as to why it was fated that we can't grasp that gold medal just yet.

How many of Malaysians didn't went to perform Solatul Tarawikh just so you could watch that final match between Datuk and Lin Dan?
(I am not an exception for that matter, and this is not something I'm proud of)

Allah Taala lebih tahu kalau sesuatu tu memudaratkan. Tak ke?

Might be if Datuk did win the match tonight, some of Malaysians would be delighted as they didn't went to perform Salatul Tarawikh, as they were witnessing history was being made. And some Malaysians might just regret going to the mosque for that matter.

Allah knows. Indeed He knows best.

You can cry, sure. Cry in your solah and ask to Allah that may He mend all the Malaysians' broken hearts (perhaps Datuk Lee Chong Wei's too!) and may He granted us victory in other matter for that. Ameen, ya Rabb.

You are still a national Hero, Datuk!
Don't be sad as we are always with you.