Friday, July 6, 2012

Log book #2

5 JULY 2012

Some are wondering on why I didn't have any updates on the last three days of my posting. Errr, that's because I didn't went to the hospital as I was feeling quite under the weather. Fret not, after taking some medications prescribed by Dr. Malek (pretend lah macam korang kenal ye), I gather myself up to face the world HOYEAH! (Exaggerations are my middle name, excuse me -_-).

Wearing a very royal-ish yellow 'Kurung' and a brown scarf to tone down the yellow, I walked down to the aisle, I mean hospital cafeteria (known as Med Cafe), having my Nasi Lemak and Teh 'O Susu as usual. Met the lovely sisters from Ireland and we chitchatted for quite some time before I took my leave and went to the 13th floor, Geriatrics Ward. Left my bag at the staff room and off I went on the quest to search for my MO, Dr. Vijayan. :)

**By wearing yellow, I was hoping that my day would be as bright as my clothes, teeheehee!

My MO is nowhere to be seen, unfortunately so I text one of the sisters from Ireland, asking if I could join them for their ward round and they said yes. Told you they are very nice sisters! I won't be calling anyone 'lovely' for no apparent reason :B


Still remember when I complaint (sort of) about some Malay doctors who are very unlikely to make charity with their smiles? Well, they still are. Hah.

But I decided to be the one who make the changes that I want to see-- a situation where; everyone puts up a smile on their face to anyone even to a stranger, no matter what their ranks are, MOs smile to the nurses, Consultants smile to the HOs, or even students smile to the cleaner. Yes, I would like that to happen, so so much!

So, to see that becoming reality, I handpicked myself (boleh ke cenggitu?) to be the one who started it, :)

A very dear usrah-mate of mine once said; "Untuk tengok perubahan yang kita nak berlaku dalam dunia ni, ubah diri kita sendiri dulu. Maksudnya, kalau kita nak satu komuniti tu menepati masa, kita perlu tepati masa dulu. Let people see it happens through us." or something like that.


What happened today was that, an elderly Chinese patient died at the ward 12U and I happened to be in that room. The first death I encountered during my almost two weeks of posting, and I immediately have a mixed feeling when I wonder about the fact that the angel of death was just around, at that moment. I stepped back as the children of the late grandmother mourning badly; asking for her mother to get up and open her eyes.


The children were in such a chronic denial that they asked me to help them to bring a wheelchair as they said their mother wanted to get up and walk. Errrr, I have chills for a second there. When I refused to help, the son rushed out of the ward, towards the counter, took the wheelchair and runs to his late mother's ward, helping his sister to carry their mother onto the wheelchair.

Tragic. I had to stepped away from that ward soon after that because I don't think I can meet the children at their eyes. :( The situations went on for about 1 hour before the children finally accept the fact that their mother is gone. Huuuuhhh.


I met a handful of new faces at the ward, the elective students, I mean. I met one from Belfast, UK and two from Moscow, Russia. I'll tell you the tale about that two first year students from Russia perhaps in another entry, inshaAllah. There's something that I wanted to share, and you (future elective students, per se) might learn something from the story, just like I did :)



Anonymous said...

selalu sgt doktor-doktor muka serius. jarang nak senyum.hehe

神のために said...

kannnn? but I believe banyak sangat benda dalam kepala diorang tu, doktor bukan main dengan duit, komputer ataupun kalkulator, diorang main dengan nyawa orang kan? ;)

sudahnya saya mmg kena bersangka baik je dengan diorang :)