Sunday, June 10, 2012

To have someone you love... to support 'em in every possible things they pursuit for.

If you can't do that much for them, and I shall say you are not yet capable to handle someone in your life. Well, I'm not saying that when you protect their dreams you are responsible for that someone's future. But it doesn't kills you to make an effort no?

I watched a Japanese drama not too long ago, regarding this young lady who's pursuing her dreams in tennis, and she fell in love with this one guy who happens to be her senior in the tennis club -- which he rocks at it, no bluff, -- and her coach didn't allow her to indulge in her feelings as it will affect her performance.

Shockingly, the coach met this senior and asked him "Do you like Oka-kun?" and he replied, after quite a long pause and I thought he was hesitating but he was gathering his strength to answer "Yes, I love her." He was saying that more to himself I guess but that's not the point I'm going for.

The coach continues, "Then you must do her a favor. Don't get near her until you can become a man who can protect her woman."

O.... kay. Those words were not easy to interpret, even for the hero himself.

He was confused at first but later along the story lines, he figured it out amazingly. "I understand now what actually the coach meant. I have to be the man who can actually protect Oka, protect her dreams, be alongside with her, accompanying her in our pursuit to become the Japan best tennis players, while having such feelings for her. And I don't think I'm ready. I can't control myself when I'm around her."

Awwww. He said that to his best friend, whom, I forgot his name.

Although I despise the coach for saying that to both of 'em, he caught my heart by saying this to Oka-kun, "Oka, don't ever let Todou-san go. Hold on to him. He's the only guy who can protect your dreams. And with that, be a woman who is worth for him to wait for."


Cut the corny and mushy part, after that, he gathers himself up, he became a much better guy and tennis player, and he did protect Oka and her dreams, in his own way, with the feelings he had for her. Thumbs up for Todou-san!


On the contrary, I was watching a Cerekarama just now, about a guy who's crazy about football and aims to be a national football player. But then, he falls for this one girl who happens to hate everyone or every single thing which has connections to football as his father died playing football or something close to that.

So she said to this guy, "If only and only if you leave your passion for football, I will consider you proposal. That is if you want to have a chance to go out with me,"

I thought to myself... Whaaaat? Why? Why would you cut off someone's dream? Why did you make him choose between you and his passions? You don't even know if you guys would be married off to each other. And when you lose that feelings, one day, --not that I wish for that to happen -- what's left is your passion in life.

You don't basically go shutting down people's dreams, man. You should somehow help to protect it.

With that being said, I'm off to Dreamland.