Monday, June 11, 2012

a thing or two.

You know that a best friend would often say this to one another;

I love you for the sake of Allah, and if you ever went astray,
then my love for you will fade away.


A good friend of mine wrote;

Next time when you dare to play with fire,
please, remember that the consequences is heart wrenching.
as that is the punishment that you will get, when you sin.

Do you know that the moment you drifted away from God, you are on the verge of losing your friends -- whose bonded to you Fillahi and Lillahi Taala? A lil bit hazy? Er? How can I give a further account on this I wonder. *scratching my chin* Hmph.


You love your friend because of her love for Allah, and of course for everything she has to offer within her. You guys vow that your friendship is none other than for the sake of Him and Him only. Imagine, for instance, you lose your pace in becoming a servant of His, you commit sins, on one fine day. But this friend of yours, are being consistent and becoming a better muslimah by the day.

For some legit reasons (that I think you're well aware of), you'll feel disappointed with yourself, you'll be ashamed by your wrongdoings, you're envying her consistency, and all these emotions will eventually lead to your low self-esteem and you'll feel that you are not worth for the so called friendship-for-the-sake-of-Allah itself.

And... you'll distance yourself from her.

That's how it is, until you find your way back to rise again, catching up to your previous pace, or be even better than your former self!


Ps; I pray to be as strong as you.