Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 1 and Day 2 as an elective student.

And so I've started my elective posting yesterday morning at University Malaya Medical Center. I woke up at 5.30am (God, it has been months since I last saw the alarm ticked at that number, sobs) and started off my journey to the hospital with my mother around 6.30pm. KL, lots of cars, traffic jams and you know where I'm heading...

My first day was a very slow one indeed; that I almost have a mental breakdown thinking where and what should I do to make myself useful and at the same time, full-filling my targets as to why I'm there at the hospital, doing my attachment to begin with. I spent most of my time in front of the lift, thinking hard... which floor should I go to.

Not to mention I wasted several hours went back and forth waiting for my consultant as in my supervisor; Prof. Wan, to report myself to him. 13th floor, 12th floor, 4th floor, 3rd floor, 5th floor and I went to 13th floor again, then I was at 4th but most of the time at 3rd floor and... the cycle goes on.

Lousy, I'd say.

But that was soooo yesterday. I started my day this morning pretty well, I believe. Meeting the two sisters from Ireland and tagging along with them was quite an experience. They are going for their final year so their knowledge and clinical skills are up to the notch. I love the fact that they were so friendly and helpful, Alhamdulillah. Dr. Sanjiv was a very helpful consultant, I like him for that. Dr. Kevin too, not to forget Dr. Vijayan and Dr. Athar for having me tagged along with them across the wards for the case presentation.

I aimed for a better day as for tomorrow, inshaAllah. :) I hope I am able to brush off my quite-an-inappropriate-shyness -__-" And of course, be able to bring myself around!

Pray for me, cupcakes!

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the tempo of life said...

best tak jadi doktor? nope,noope. best tak belajar medik? boleh tak awk cter flow belajar medik one by one. and the syllibus, the lecturers, nnti dah post bgtau saya eh . tq :)