Thursday, May 24, 2012

a smile would do.

What more can be happier than the fact that I'm done with my 3rd year in med school? All praises go to Allah Taala for He let miracles to happen, each and every day, mashaAllah!

Balik ke rumah dari habis kertas terakhir semalam, bukak Fesbuk dan disajikan dengan berita gembira. Sahabat se-batch saya, bakal menikah Julai nanti Subhanallah, mabruk alaikum untuk awak dan bakal suami~ Aaaah, I knew something was going on when we have our flight back to Malaysia last winter break ;D


Few of my beautiful ladies and readers, asked me recently, on why I seems to be less creating words for eyes to see, read and heed. I hereby sincerely apologized for lacking in time management, not that I wanted to but hey..., I don't have any excuses do I? I figured that much.

*sujud syukur*
I received an offer letter in my email just now, regarding an attachment to be done in University Malaya Medical Centre, Subhanallah! Terus guling-guling sebelah housemates bila dapat email tu. I am so over the moon! :D Well, you know, I'll be going for my clinical years in September so I make it compulsory for myself to go for an attachment before I indulge myself in clinical years here in Egypt. :)

It's up to you, really, to make a decision whether you wanted an early experience in the Malaysia hospitals or not. Your career and life are at stake. After your 6 years abroad in foreign medical schools, you'll served the hospitals in Malaysia nonetheless. So I figured that it would be helpful if I do an attachment so that I can get used to Malaysia's hospital environment.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah!