Sunday, May 6, 2012

Self post-mortem.


When you've started to make a movement, a step up from your current self, it does feel different ey?

Been takleef to conduct an usrah by my kakak naqibah, and it has been months since I carried out that responsibilities. Truth to be told, it was awkward at first, but we learnt, taking baby steps.

Subhanallah, how can I list His uncountable mercy towards me along the journey?

I am thankful for being able to have such mad'u, :') F, H, and the newbies whom just recently joined our usrah; T, O, M, you guys inspired me in so many ways on so many levels, masyaAllah! And I bet we have so many things to learn from each other from now on, inshaAllah.

I can never thank Allah enough for everything even if I have 1000 souls within me. Obviously not exaggerating. Heh.

You've read that emotional post of mine below? Err, I am hereby conveying my deepest apologies to have your eyes to read such post, huuuuuh.

'Everything in this world shall pass' said a very good friend of mine.

I thank Allah for sending both of my sahabat fillah when I needed support the most :') Hah, how can I EVER list His mercy and love towards me now? Allahuakbar. He is indeed the Most Gracious.

And can you believe that I've passed them? That obstacles I'm blabbering about? Can you believe it? I can pinch all parts of my skin and still, would not believe that it has been solved, in a nick of time.


You wanted strength? You wanted to be able to control your anger? You wanted to be a full-time muslim? You wanted to improve your akhlak?

Allah tested you for such purposes, to ACTUALLY answer your prayers.

He gave you something to be angry about, something to solve, so that you'll learn how to manage your anger and confront your problems. I've said that this shall pass, and they did. They passed. I passed them.

Aaaaah, how can I not believe in Him now? :')

O Allah! I am Your sinful slave, and You are my Loving Lord.



Nurul Izz said...

Agreed with what you wrote, sis.

It's the tests and challenges that will shape the better us.

May I be strong enough to face the tests given by Him, too.


Anonymous said...

:') This entry inspires me the most!
Especially bhgian yg last tu :)

"Allah tested you for such purposes, to actually answer your prayers" Ya Allah :'D

神のために said...

kak nurul

kakakkkk! been too long since we talked to each other, subhanallah! :) I missed to read your rants, obviously!

inshaAllah kak, you'll be strong too ;)


The words came from Allah, only to be delivered by me. :) Alhamdulillah~ may it benefits you dear sister in deen!

Nurul Izz said...

hehe miss talking to you too :) been more like a silent reader of yours all this while, though ;)