Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just plain weird.

This whole semester is weird.

Like weird, weird. Maybe unique at some levels, but I am going for weird. I am weird too, for many reasons. At least I think and feel so. The words I'm typing don't seems to make any sense do they? Oh well, I am not trying to emphasize on anything at the moment.

*breathe in, breathe out*

Thanks to Allah for so many reasons, but if you wanted me to be specific, I shall say "Thank You, Allah for letting me passes each day with being able to still, embraces Islam as my Deen and having Iman in my heart. Thank You, Allah for you let each day passes beautifully that I'm done with two of my final papers and one more to go :')"

With that, I'm left with 5 more days till I can have my family back in my arms again. Aaaaaah my heart is in such an agony state that I think I would beat any 1st year students' homesickness >.<

What's with this weird feelings I'm having?
Entah, sampai bila.
O Allah! I seek for Your mercy.

Ps; To that particular someone, Happy 21st Birthday. I am not sorry or regret in any form for not being able to say that to your face anymore. Allah knows best for what He had in store for both of us. With that, may Allah guides our heart to be a better servant of His and may you strive hard for His jannah as that is what I am hoping you would do.

Stay happy, be healthy, and never let your mum down ever again.


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