Friday, April 27, 2012

Midnight Rants #3


Memang makin dekat waktu untuk study leave, semangat nak menulis macam ombak laut yang hanya terus pasang tanpa punya surut. Err, saya kira ini ujian yang Allah bagi; tapi terselit nikmat. Boleh menulis (punya sesuatu untuk ditulis) dan mampu mengubah rasa menjadi kata tu satu nikmat. Untuk saya. *sengih*

Saya biasanya ke kelas sendirian, lebih suka jalan sendiri, tanpa perlu biar orang menunggu saya, tanpa perlu saya menunggu sesiapa. Senang, bila tak terikat. I kinda appreciate my 'me time' along the journey I had to take to get to my faculty.

Like you know, I would talk to myself (call me crazy, weird, forever alone and you think this face cares? heh), reminding myself on certain things regarding life, to not do this, to focus on that, to improve on this and that, and yadda yadda. I love to look at the world in a different angle, from a different typical perspective. And believe me that short 15 minutes walk can give myself a huge favor on creating motivations.

Offer me 1 million and see for yourself that I'd rather walk.

*Sadly, it's already Summer here (not that I'm being ungrateful for such weather, oh my Allah NO!) so I don't really get a chance to take a proper walk now, and I have been taking taxi too much lately. Throwing my precious LE2 every single day. Oh well.

I'm thinking of... deactivating my Facebook for awhile. I figured that I need to make that move. Not right now of course, since I still have classes until Sunday, need to download all the notes and lecture slides to study. And there's going to be a poster presentation in front of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine on 2nd of May. I still need to keep in touch with fellow PBL-mates regarding that matter.

Emmm? Maybe some time after that. You might think 'HA-HA-HA This girl is so funny that she's full of excuses and will never really deactivate her account'. It's nothing like that, really. Because I am seriously considering the fact that I need to have some time off from the internet and REALLY focusing on studies like I used to.

Way before Facebook and Twitter were invented. That's how serious I can be, if you figured much. Life without accounts on internet used to be peaceful, and I am determined to get such life back. Only if He wills me to, of course. :)

I'm off to bed now, a long day of Jumaah ahead of me tomorrow! Salam, x.

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Fna said...

yangg, i have an acc yg khas utk university matters je. i deactivate my personal acc and made a new one, and just join group batch utk tau updates, tu je. so tak serabut ^^