Thursday, January 26, 2012

red letter to my future self.


Err, tulisan sebelum ni entum tutup mata je boleh? I was too caught up with emotions and always have been... too fragile? That was indeed, one of my flaws, however I don’t have any intentions to remove that side of me because that’s what makes me, me :)

Anyways, I am left with one paper for my finals, thankfully. Then, immediately will go for shoppiiiinngg (yayness) and pack my bag to have my winter break back in Malaysia (super yayness).

The reason I am gonna do a letter for the future me is that, I was inspired by a film entitled ‘Sunny’, the scene which an adult self of heroin, watching a video that she made during her middle school, saying stuffs to her adult version. Gaaah, I’ll make sure my own circle of friends (Chopsy, that is) will do the same once we get together.

Sekarang ni semua berkecah kat seluruh dunia –_-“ Can’t really blame them for that, since each and everyone of us is pursuing our dreams in our own journey of life. Like I said, fate and destiny took over. And I am so proud! I just can’t even imagine the day we won’t be friends anymore.

Nabihah, Anis, Rabiatul, Amani, Syafa, Ain, Zahidah. Soulmates, forever.

Dear myself of the future, this is Nuha Muneerah in her 3rd year of Med School writing. If you happened to read this later in your life, please be reminded that I wrote this so that you can recall what expectations you used to have on yourself.

Dreams, everyone has it, don’t they?

And I hereby, wanted to say to you that your dreams are to become a future doctor that not only healed wounds on your patient’s anatomy but also, nurtured their soul on becoming a better Slave of Allah Taala. Because of that, you can never— do you hear me? I said never— give up on this dreams of yours.

No matter how stressful your job are, how desperate you might be, how depressed you shall be, how little time you have for yourself, backing out is not even in your options! March, my future self. Take a peek at your pasts as you moved on so that you won’t repeat the same mistake again.

You may tremble, worn out, but as you are down on your knees, doesn’t that mean you are in a perfect position to pray?


Do not waver in seeking Allah Taala, for He provided you with too much blessings than you can ever wonder, and let you be whoever you are right now. Be thankful for the fact that He gave you your life so that you can help others to live theirs. That is such an honourable job and I am so proud of you for making your way there.

Dear Nuha Muneerah of the future, I am quite sure by the time you read this, you already built your own family, having your husband and kids by your side. *smiling* Take a good look of every single one of them now, the ones that Allah Taala has bestowed to be in your life, accompany you in your journey as a Muslimah.

Smile, my future self.
Smile, for once upon a time, during your adolescent self, you once dreamt to have them and now, they are there, beside you. Allah has granted your duaa when you are once me. ;)

Be a loyal wife to your husband, for he loves you for you, and let you be yourself in any circumstances. Be an awesome mom that you always wanted to be, that you once promised me, a very good cook at that, a very loving one, that doesn't nags, instead, uses logics and Islamic tarbiyyah to educate those offsprings of yours. You'll pull it off, with Allah willings.


Dear self, above all, constantly be a grateful Slave to your Creator. For He had given you such a lovely parents to begin with. Take good care of them, when they turn old, when they seek your attentions more than your kids do. You owe them your life, for what they have done for you.

You would never, wanted to go into Jannah alone without bringing them along, wouldn't you?

And for that, I promise you, the me that wrote this letter to you, shall be a good daughter to them from now on, despite whatever comes between me and them inshaAllah. I hope you'll do the same although you ought to have your own family now.

I hope I can meet you soon enough, love!


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