Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a semester almost passed.


1. Allah has uplifted all the burden I felt once I've stepped in as a Third Year Med Student, syukurLillah. There's no words can described how relieved I am right now and not even a whole dictionary with 360,000 words can define it. Such a drama queen ey? Hee!

Alas, those hardworks and nerve-wrecking moments paid off when the Dean of Medicine, fellow Professors and Doctors said, "Well done and this topic is really interesting." :')


Tiba-tiba terfikir. Kalaulah our endless discussions, dari petang membawa ke malam, all those brain storming sessions, panicking moments dan cuma ucapan 'Well done' tu mampu buat jasad saya berbunga-bunga melayangnya...

nanti bila Allah Taala membalas usaha kita yang tak seberapa di dunia ni dengan syurga-Nya, rasanya bagaimana ya?

2. Mother. Hari ni saya rindu ummi saya lebih daripada biasa. I chanted 'Ummi... ummi... ummi...' while stalking her Fesbuk page. Hehe! And I found out that my ummi bought me the latest book of Fatimah Syarha from my future father-in-law (since he is a book publisher) :B

p/s: That is basically an inside joke between a mother and her daughter. Please don't make any wild assumptions, thank you!

3. Weeks of sleepless nights shall start by tomorrow, inshaAllah. Three weeks of study leave for finals and I hope Allah eases everything for me. Saya yakin Allah akan tolong saya.

Faiza 'azamta fatawakkal alAllah. :)