Friday, November 18, 2011

This too, shall pass.


When a believer is suddenly affected with fever, his sins fall off like the leaves of a tree. If he laments in his bed, his lamentations are as Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah) and his cry is la ilaha illal lah (There is no God but Allah), his moving in bed is as if he is fighting for the cause of Allah. If he lives on and serves God, he will be forgiven. Happy is such a person!

Subhanallah! ♥

Saya tak ada lah sampai jatuh demam tapi mungkin sebab perubahan cuaca yang mendadak (tiba-tiba dah fully winter) so I'm currently down with tonsillitis. Perit jugaklah nak menelan makanan tapi inshaAllah okay je :D

Dugaan nak exam ni memang skala dia upgrade sikit. I noticed that for quite some time already. Masa tu lah sakit, masa tu lah ada problem dengan kawan, masa tu lah __________ pulak. Heeee~ Tapi alright je~ Allah wont give me such test if He thinks I can't face those obstacles. Kan?

Without me knowing, this too, shall pass ;)

P/s: Doakan saya pls?


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