Saturday, November 26, 2011

taking things for granted.


As a human, we must have that one phase, yang bila Allah timpakan ujian, kita jatuh dan terus biar diri berlama-lamaan ada di bawah. Apa nak jadi, jadi lah. For the first two days, Allah might ticked your heart out of guiltiness, but when you let that feeling passes you, buat dosa pun kadang-kadang kita boleh ketawa.

But at certain time, one certain circumstances, if you are lucky enough, He’ll ticked your heart again. As if He is saying, “That’s enough. Come back to me.” *sebak* That’s just how ar-Rahim Allah can be. He won’t let us going too far from Him.

We are created for a purpose. To be a slave, a caliph, and to obey what Allah had laid for us.

Try to close your eyes for a minute and think. Think. Duduk beriman sekejap. How many times have we violated our purposes in this world? Just how many times? But did Allah instantly punishes you for that? For instance if you lied, did your tongue just fall off? If you steal, did your hand just fall off?

Allah let it slide. He let it slide. That’s how ar-Rahman Allah can be.

But us being humans, we tend to take this side of "forgiving" in Allah for granted. Macam oh tak apa, aku buat dosa harini inshaAllah esok sempat bertaubat. Allah kan Maha Pemaaf dan Maha Pengasih? It's obviously a good thing to think that way to let us not being ashamed of seeking forgiveness from Him.

But there's a 'major BUT' here.

Saya rasa lah... kita, terlalu fikir Allah tu Maha Penyayang, sampai kita lupa. Kita lupa Allah akan marah. Kita lupa Dia akan marah. Kita lupa akan sampai satu hari, Allah melepaskan kemarahan Dia tanpa tertahan-tahan.

Dan hari tu, hari Kiamat.