Friday, November 11, 2011

I wish for a gentleman.


Be a gentleman. Don't approach her, approach her wali.

I think this phrase is well encountered on Facebook, yes? I would love that to happen to every akhawat I knew. :) I wish for the man to be a coward to not come to me but instead, be brave enough to seek my wali, or preferrably my dad.

I am not perfect in every angle you might seek, neither do I think I deserve such man or even worthy to him... but at least, I wanted my future husband to ask for my hand in marriage in a proper way. For I am a girl, and I have such a delicate heart to deal with.


Every akhawat should wish for the same too!

P/s: And this would happened to me in six years from now, perhaps?

Another P/s: How do you expect a building to last if the base is unstable? Don't you afraid that it might fall?



syuhadaadros said...

Finally. Been waiting for your post for ages. Hehe.

I pray may Allah ease everything for you, my dear. Namo sedeh2 oke, dik? Take care. <3

Salsabila said...

terbaik la kak another P/s tuh! sangat setuju! :)

<3 semoga yang datang kepada akak, datang dulu mencari si ayahnya. inshaAllah :)