Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She is such a pitiful girl.

I suddenly missed blogging everything regarding my thoughts. #likeaboss.

Looking back at how I started blogging in the year of 2007, I treated blogging as a platform for me to unleash my anger towards anyone whom I find annoyance with. I was THAT brave due to the fact that I know my blog won't be read by anyone I knew, except for Kartini Izreen (rindu please) since we came up with the idea of creating our blogs together :)

I missed writing anything my mind came up with and feeling satisfied for it.

I might actually missed the old me. Allah forbid, please. I don't want to remember anything regarding 2007 nor I want to have any memories from that year. 2007 was such a bloody year, to the point that I think I literally lost myself along the way and I find it hard to recognize who I was at that time. Pitiful, I know that.

And if I'm not strong enough, I'm afraid that I may lose myself for once and for all this time.

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