Thursday, September 8, 2011

once in a blue moon.

Everyone have their very own circle of friends that can make you truly be yourself and still accept you for who you are :') The kind of friends that even if you are married and blessed with dozens of kids, you would still see each other once in a blue moon~

Who would have known being in the same class for two years consecutively in 2005-2006, made a study group for PMR, stayed back together doing exercises at the canteen everyday, and they are the ones I considered as friends for life and THIS IS FOR KEEPS! :')

Dalam saling mengejar cita-cita,
Moga ukhuwah tetap terasa~
Biar jasad ditelan usia!

Sayang antunna lillahi taala.

BieAnisAmaniRabieSyafaNuhaAinYatZahidah. ♥ Yang ini, biar tembus sampai syurga! InshaAllah.