Friday, September 9, 2011

Just because.

These days whenever I clicked the 'New Post' button, I would either [1] staring the white box hopelessly hoping for something to came up so that I can ACTUALLY write something benificial for my investment in the Hereafter or [2] end up writing something half way, hit the 'Save Now' button and don't have the urge to continue writing it again anytime soon or worse, [3] typing all the things I had in mind and pitifully erase all the words later on. Blergh.


I am trying hard here to plant (?) a feeling of missing Egypt at least for a slightest bit that I dreamt I went back to Egypt without any of my suitcases :O Oh my Allah, THAT was such a horror thing to happened! My heart even races in my sleep!

Untuk kamu yang saya dah anggap macam my other half (THIS IS NOT REFERRING TO A GUY).

Duhai hati yang futur,
Kembalilah pada Tuhanmu,
Demi nyawamu yang ada dalam genggaman-Nya.
Sebelum kamu dikembalikan pada Ilahi.

P/s: Semua orang mencari esok yang pasti ada, tapi belum tentu punya kamu di dalamnya.

P/s part 2: Kita selalu fikir Allah Maha Pemurah... tapi kita lupa Dia juga akan marah. Hari yang Dia akan memalingkan wajahnya pada yang kufur adalah Hari Akhirat dan hari tu tak akan lama datangnya.

P/s part 3: Wanted to go to Ayie's place tonight for a get together with fellow ex-schoolmates but I am so darn afraid that I'll fall out of place. Just because.

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