Saturday, May 21, 2011

hallucinations can't kill.

I wonder.

The words you spoke-- which of course, to let people to hear it-- or in my case, the words I wrote right here, sometimes I do wish for people to read, if none of actions are taken, that would be a mere hallucination. Ouch, that hurts!

Not asking to be understood,

Those were my dreams, of how I wanted to be, one day, perhaps, biiznillah... Dreams can't kill, and neither can hallucinations. Not being unreasonable or unrealistic here, for what I have wrote, which might seems far from you can see but alas, those were my dreams!

Not showing off, not bluffing, because deep inside here, that's how I wish a real me could be.

Those ancient dreams,
Of every little pieces of my words,
I wish to cherish them,
For every little spaces I have left,
Within me,
Not for thee to judge,
But for me to keep.
And for whatever they worth,
I need to prove those dreams,
Whenever fate of Allah took over,
They came swinging lively into my life.

p.s; masih masih masih masih masih masih tak sehebat yang sesiapa fikirkan.
pp.s; I need to prove myself.