Saturday, January 15, 2011

kamu dah nak pergi...?

Tea plantation, Cameron Highlands, 2010.

Sunday, inshaAllah, and this little brother of mine will be off to Maktab Tentera DiRaja to pursue his upper forms of secondary school. Huuuuuui, I can't help myself from being worried for his wellbeing there :( Endless worried, I must say.

Lagi-lagi lepas baca perjalanan cerita seorang budak maktab di blog seorang ikhwah.

Err. Untuk yang tukang menulis tu, adik saya ni dah khatam cerita kamu tu. InshaAllah, dia takkan lupa nombor tentera dia hopefully. Haih. I wish I could sent you off la brotherrrrr but since you didnt sent me off when I was going to Samura, kira seri la ek?

Sebenarnya nak cakap ni kat sorang budak tu. Yes, maybe my brother entered MTD with the help from "cables" but I don't think that's even an issue okaaaay? It's not like kitorang mintak uncle kitorang berjawatan General dalam tentera pun.

As a matter of fact, I don't see the problems of using such "cables" in whatever situations KALAU ye KALAU that particular someone actually deserves the opportunity. I mean like my brother did the fitness test as well as the others, his PMR results are excellent, kehidupan dia kat sana nanti pun sama je dengan budak-budak yang lain.

He's not gonna get any special treatment (being able to escape from being "tease" by the seniors) just because our uncle posses high position in Malaysia's army. :) But seriously, if anything happens to this brother of mine, I won't hesitate pergi cari siapa yang responsible. And I mean it.

So brotherrrr, please take good care of yourself, don't cause any fuss or whatsoever, listen well to the orders given, be a great boy, and we'll meet again soon, okay? Have a so-called-fun life in RMC! :D I'll be praying hard for you, don't you ever worry.

Your sister,


aat @ paat said...

whoah da beso da die eh...
hoho lek ar nuha gne 'cables' as if it is seems similar to bribes??
I can't see anything wrong with it..

coz ourselves pun byk gne cables...
if dpt ikut klayakn dpt la.. kalo x dpt xpela..

syauqah wardah said...

noooooo. it has nothing to do with bribing la paat. in our case, cuma guna bantuan our uncle to get my brother accepted to MTD. that's all, inshaAllah.


aku relax je sbnarnya tp sbb budak tu dok provok2 adik aku. haih, mana boleh tahannnnn. hehe.