Tuesday, January 18, 2011

if tomorrow never comes.

Assalamualaikum wbt. Preferably, I do not want to encounter with such night ever again... :( I despise for whatever that happened last night, for whatever feelings I have within me, for only-Allah-knows-what reason. I do not want to be in such state, not for as long as You spare me a life for me to live, dear Allah.

Tears are words the heart can't express.
-that's all there is. I'm not gonna elaborate more on that.

I am thankful for the 19 years (and counting, biiznillah) that You had given me and yet, I am still whining about this and that. What a shame, :(

For the love that You always have to even created me in the first place, for the health that You have spare me, for every bits of happiness that You have given me, for the endless guidance You have showered me,
I am now feel very blessed, dear Allah.

May I would never encounter with such feeling again, inshaAllah. I felt so fragile... that I think I was going to shatter into pieces, without being able to be glued together anymore. Then again, I have all these amazing people around me that gave me such encouraging words, especially my mom.

Mommmyyyy I missss youuu! :(

Arwah Kak Sara, thank you so much for being such an inspirational. :') I look up to you, dear sis. You were so young when you left this world for good, and you have so many things planned ahead of you. But Allah had a better plan for you, Kak Sara. It's true then. The angel of death is never gonna discriminate, and I, too, don't feel slightest bit of safe.

May Allah grant you jannah for every deeds you have done for the 20 years of your life, and thank you for being so strong dealing and fighting with those complications. You were indeed a superwoman. ♥ Al Fatihah.