Saturday, September 25, 2010

from a patient to future doctors.

Kata-kata ni aku temukan waktu membaca blog dari link pemberian seorang rakan di Facebook. Baca punya baca, terjumpa blog seorang kakak yang tujukan kata-kata indah untuk bakal doktor, tak kira di mana juga kamu berada. :)

Sekali lagi, sengaja ingin kongsikan dengan kalian.

To all medical student out there, wherever you are, thank you...

  • for choosing medic, staying there, and struggled all the way till your graduation which i hope most of you could come back and serve the country after working there for a few years hopefully.

  • for fighting your ‘homesick’ for 5 or 6 years later just because you couldn’t have the Malaysian food for a few month but no worries Summer will be coming ;)

  • for studying every chance you have but still have time to go here and there without doing that too much and not just purely a vacation but made it educational such as visiting Andalusia, Turkey etc where the path of Islam was once and still there..hey Doctor’s deserves a vacation too!!

  • for tighting your budget every month, paying that freaking high rent (1000-2000euro per month…?? ) which that does not includes the bills, heater etc hey MARA/JPA, tmbh la bnyk sket ;P

  • for being one of the top students in your university ( i know most of you are just too humble to let me know until I know about it by chance),

  • for really listening, understanding despite all the whines about your GP (General Practitioner),

  • for ‘teaching’ me all that medical terms though its kinda frustrating to be left out by the medical jokes that i could not digest,

  • for helping people in need even though your own pocket money is not so stable where you always giving though you could not be giving too much,

  • for staying pretty,witty,angel (bukan you sorang ja macam tu hoho) that sometimes i wonder why they want to be a doctor when they could choose other profession with that kind of personality … and not just a nerd but actually get yourself a life ;P

  • for failing several papers at the beginning but thats all right because you probably in the process of adapting & getting used to the systems there, as long as you managed to get over with it and improve yourself afterwards, that was brave of you to still continue your studies ;)

  • for going to the hospital everyday and some actually had to be operated in the hospital but still manage to continue back your studies despite all

  • for not giving up when you really feel like giving up when the pressure is on, esp when you feel you have failed, pressure & failure is good sometimes because it brings out the best in you so that you’ll learn from your mistakes and help you find your way out from the tangled line along the way,

  • for EVERYTHING…!!!!

Allah. Terasa betul-betul dihargai. :') Walaupun "belum betul-betul masuk" dunia medikal, in terms with interactions with patients and stuff, dah rasa makin bersemangat nak terus "berdiri" di jalan medikal ni.

Terima kasih sangat untuk kata-kata indah ni, kak. Jazakallahu khairan kathira! May Allah always bless you, insyaAllah.

P/s: Entry penuh baca di sini.

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cik S said...

hehe...sama2...silakan...selamat menjadi Dr. yg berguna kpd bangsa,negara & agama ;)