Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the love I have for you.

Dear kamu, (you know who you are).

Please forgive me. I am very sorry if I ever caused you a heart-ache. And I have to admit, THIS is my flaw. :(

I am not being myself at the moment for Allah knows what reason. Please bear with me for I am having quite a rough time as I am boarding a shaky boat. The storm kept hitting and I'm running out of oil. And to make things worse, the engine broke down.


Dan juga (lebih baik dan lebih kekal bagi) orang-orang yang menjauhi dosa-dosa besar serta perbuatan-perbuatan yang keji; dan apabila mereka marah (disebabkan perbuatan yang tidak patut terhadap mereka), mereka memaafkannya. -as Syuura, 37.

I know you would understand.

And I think it's enough for you to know that I'm trying my best here to work things out. For the love of Allah Taala and His Prophet. And for the love I have for you, because of Him.

I. Am. Going. To. Survive. This. One.
Mark my words, but only if Allah wills, insyaAllah.


Pray hard for me, please? I'll reach you as soon as I hit the deck.

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