Sunday, April 11, 2010

an entertainment for the day.

Life is indeed a constant surprise.

You won't know when people will be attacking you from sides, or back. And seriously, I don't meant for just physical attack, maybe more to emotional in my case.

So, the reason for this entry is that, I received a question, or more to a statement by an anonymous through my formspring. I find this to be deadly funny till I can roll on the floor, laughing! *Teruja, teruja.

The question/statement was;

Kau rasa kau hipokrit tak? sebab melalui penulisan kau, aku rasa macam fake. sorry

Statement yang "anonymous-la-sangat-dia-tak-tahu-dengan-senangnya-aku-boleh-tahu-siapa-dia-haha" bagi. :) Aku dah balas dekat formspring sana tapi macam tak sesuai sebab macam mana "anonymous" ni baca ye tak? So I decided to post it here.

Dear kamu, I have few points to answer your statement. Hear me out.

  • Thank you for troubling yourself to convey your thoughts to me, yach ;) Terharuu, haha.

  • ONLY if you know me well, I can accept this as motivational words (kritikan membina) to improve myself in my writings so it could up to your expectations. But then, who are you again? :) Do you even know what my grandfather name was?

  • I used to be a faker. Isn't that my title for the previous entry? Hah. See? Aku tak pernah malu nak mengaku siapa sebenarnya aku. If u read my previous entries through out the whole one year, I think, half of the stories of my life are in your hands.

  • Yes, I am a hypocrite in real life as I always hide my true feelings towards things. Cakap "saya setuju" atau "saya suka" padahal dalam hati memberontak "apa niii tak suka laaahh". I am hypocrite in that kind of way but NOT in writings. Here, I wrote what I really felt.

  • I don't blog for people, instead I blog for myself. To myself of tomorrow. --I dedicate this to myself. The title of my blog says it all. So I don't see the point for me to write what YOU want to read.

  • Fyi, dear anonymous, both of my parents read my blog. And for regular readers of my writings, they knew how frequently my mom and dad commented on my entries. Pergi bukak ruang comment entry kat bawah ni. You'll see. So don't you think you are funny to give that kind of statement since the two persons that knew me for my whole life, never said anything about me being fake?

  • Not just my parents, bunch of my cousins and best friends are reading my blog too. They knew me very well, and yet, awak tiba-tiba cakap saya fake dalam penulisan saya? What is that? Haha. Funny.

  • Unless you can prove to me on which entry, on which part of my writings were fake, I'll take you as one of my entertainment for the day. :)

P/s: Tak sabarnya nak buat attachment kat Malaysia, hihi. xD

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Nurulhana2000 said...

Thank you to the anonymous for making you think the way you are thinking and defending yourself sayang. The fellow's comment has triggered your mind forcing you to analyse your own action and writing. Take it as a constructive comment which bounced as positive impact towards you.

Yup, Umi agree with you. Your parents know you better. Our love to you is unconditional dear.