Monday, March 8, 2010

to comfort ourself.

Baru lepas baca entry Una-- my ex dorm mate dekat Samura dulu. ;)

She said, "It is easy to comfort others than to comfort ourself."
True. Very darn true. A psychiatrist can give hundreds of motivational words to her patients but did those words even apply to her when she faces the same exact problem?

She'll try, no doubt. :) But it's gonna be hard. And tough perhaps?

As a future psychiatrist (insyaAllah, hee), I love to comfort my friends whenever they happens to encounter with hardship in life. Regarding their family, studies, or even relationship with boys, ;p. I just love to see those glowing faces when I motivate them to give their best shot and to not give up. It's as if 'my' burden has been lifted from my shoulder as well.

Not bragging, obviously but my friends tend to seek for motivation from me. :) It's easy for me to comfort their feelings whenever they feel down with their exam results and all because I can relate it with my past experience but...

What if I'm the one who feels down and I'm about THIIIIIS close to give up?
To whom I must turn to?

I know I always have and forever have Allah Taala with me. :') I realized that but sometimes... It would feels good when you have someone you can actually talk to and give some relieving comments about the issues you have later on.

See? Comforting yourself is an indeed hard. Depressing, pressuring, sorrowing... *Emo, -.-; For now at least, my forever comforters are somewhere in Alexandria and Malaysia (you know who you are, loves). ♥

Oh well. At the very end, I just have to rely on myself to keep myself comforted. A lil bit painful if you ask me, but I can survive, though. I know I will, insyaAllah. :)


teh'a said...

lw nk jd cm akk..dkt u sye kna ambk course ape??
cter2 sy nk jd motivator jgak..
erk,sme ke dua bidang tuh?
sye..suka cne eyh nk ckp..
kenali dri sndri dan org laen.
suke bongkar personaliti..
so,dkt u nk kena ambik ape?

tnye je..tpi xtw lah lw dpt ke idak kejar cter2...

shadah..♥ said...

shadah..♥ said...

nuha, aku tukar url blog lg...
mybe ni kali terakhir...

nhmnrh said...


em. ada bnyak fields of kerjaya utk jd motivator ni teha. :)
if u are interested in rawat jiwa kanak-kanak ke, remaja ke, professionals ke, I would suggest u go for psychiatrist.

Habis je degree, ambik specialist. :)

but then again, kalau teha just nak motivate ppl & stuff, psychologist is another choice la kan. yg ini pun kena ambik medicine if i'm not mistaken.

beza psychiatrist dgn psychologist, psychiatrist boleh prescribed ubat, hehe. lagi best la kan.

anyway, teha boleh punya don't worry ;)

nhmnrh said...


haha kerja kau tukar url je hehhhhh. :p

teh'a said...

thank q sis..dh faham dh..thnk q sgt2!! hrp blh jd cm akk nti~~

Nurulhana2000 said...

Dear Nuha,
I can't help to correct your grammar dear.
1. 'Ourselves' always plural.
2. After would always base form - 'would feel'