Monday, February 22, 2010

& it has been a long time

...Since I laughed this hard. :')

Godd, I look very terrible in here, with the puppy eyes and all. -.-". But I don't think I mind, heh. It has been a long time indeed ! I think my 'laughing-joyfully-your-heart-out gland' is in it's drought state, bahhaha. Am I exaggerating or what? :p

Oh well. Thanks to Kak Nur and Kak Qamar for coming all the way from Cairo to stop by at our crib for lunch. :)
I cooked this Ayam Kurma ! :9

Anyway. I suddenly feel that being on leave for a long time (two weeks in my case) is a very dangerous situation. :O Its like this, when you are on your holiday, you;'ll spent most of your time at home watching movies on your laptop, online-ing and online-ing. Which is bad.

Because you'll end up doing this by the end of your holiday !

All of this for the sake of saving the electricity. -.-"

INTERNET+LAPTOP+LAMP+HEATER (x 24 hours plus minus) = High Electric Bills.

Oh well, you get the idea. Haha. Unexpected, really. I thought the bills are coming in three months or so. Sheesh. By the way, please include the fact that I spent most of my February allowance on FOODS, thank you. -.-"

Isn't it scary? For me, very !

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