Saturday, December 5, 2009

pre-exam disorder;


I am currently on Case Three; Urine Infection. One more case to go (Case One, Two and Five were already settled, thank God) and then I'll be "SORT OF" ready for the Middle Semester Exam. :) Regarding to the so called Pre-exam Disorder or PeD as my dad put it, I tend to eat lots and lots. I have been consuming food with an extra amount, sadly.

Personal thought; Taaaak. Masalahnya makanan semua bila ditelan dia magically hilang in the nick of time! Tak sampai setengah jam makan nasi dah lapar balik. How? T____T

Oh well, I think this is normal (my dad is on my side, absolute yaay-ness, HAHA) since the temperature here in Egypt is decreasing each and every day :O There was this one particular day that the temperature reached BELOW TEN degrees weh T____T And the forecast stated that it might reached 4 degrees by the end of the month! GILA.

Anyway, I have just spent 13 minutes by calling my little brother; Aiman via Smart Voip just now ! :') Omaigod I seriously missed him so so much ! Haihh. LOVEYOU laaa adiiiik! Apparently using Smart Voip to call Malaysia is much much cheaper than anything else. 1 cent per minute is like..... (perhaps you should fill in the blank yourself xP)

Current Addiction; KRIB SYUKULATAH. :9

Dengan pesanan, SESIAPA YANG DUDUK DI EGYPT TAPI TAK PERGI TRY INI ADALAH SANGAT RUGI ! Like seriously. Why would I lied, anyway?


syarifah radiah ibrahim said...

bittaufiq wannajah nuha!

nhmnrh said...

kak radiah

terima kasih kak :))

Hidayah Baik said...

hey tulisan awak cam tulisan syfqh jasmin. hohohoh. bulat2 ;D

nhmnrh said...


hahah. ye keeee?
teringin mahu melihaaat.