Sunday, November 29, 2009

it has been what?

Today marks the exact date of me being here, in Mansoura for two months. Yeah, it has been ONLY two months since I left Malaysia, my darling country. It might sounds "Eleh-baru-je-rupanya-pergi-Mesir-tu-dah-nak-kecoh" to you, but TWO MONTHS meant a world to me. It ain't easy. Andd yes, I have not cried (...yet!) since I arrived and I would love to make my record straight. Thank you. :)

Oh well, the urge to cry were there. I would be lying if I said no. I am not THAT insensitive (I am more or less full-time emotional, HAHA T____T). There were some moments where the tears almost fell (to unnecessary or reasonable reasons) but I managed to hold myself together from shattered into pieces. *Sighs.

Every time I feel wanted to cry, I would tell myself that I am such a loser IF I did. It worked, to my surprise. Truthfully, I didn't cry due to the fact that if I cry, I might won't stop. Huge possibilities for that to happen anyways. And no, I don't want to take any risks by doing so. Urgh, scary :(

Aku bukan BERLAGAK macam kuat. I am actually trying my best here to be one. :)

Life was treating me good, fortunately. But there were some minor bumps here and there. Waaaay too NORMAL -.-" Haven't been attacked by migraine since I arrived here so I take that as a good sign *Grinning. But perhaps I was being too laid back? Hmph. :( Need to push myself to my limit. And have to that pronto! Haih.

My best friend has arrived from Alexandria an hour ago, thankfully. Can't wait to reunite with her and it has been what? Two months since we last met, kan Cik Bie? HEHE. Two months, TOO LONG. HAHAHA. True that. And ouh, tonight we will be cruising on the Nile ! How awesome is that? :O CANTWAITCANTWAIT. Desperate -.-"

P/s: Sangat tersentuh dengan my housemates yang sudi dermakan katil diorang untuk kawan baik I. Terharu sekali. :') Terima kasih banyak-banyak, rakan.


appleCuBbyz said...

blog kamo sungguh cumellll!!! suke tgok! waaaa... sweet~ nice blog bebeyh~

Nurulhana2000 said...

Siapa yg bagi pinjam katil tu Nua? Then, dia tidur mana?

nhmnrh said...


omaigod terima kasih sangat terharu! :')

nhmnrh said...


ohh diorang offer je mi. nabihah tk jd tdur pun sbb dia tdur rumah kakak kawan dia, hehe.