Sunday, November 22, 2009

and it was finally over;

The sacrifice that I had to make for the presentation was quite huge (and I am not talking about time here) since the discussion session was held during the night, after Isya' precisely, andd I have to walk to the place that we have agreed to have our discussion, alone. Well, I was alone when I walked from block D to block B (not that far tapi dah kata malam jauh ke dekat mesti ada rasa insecure dalam diri jangan deny).

From block B, I walked with Amira to fetch Atiqah at Block C. Only then we walked together for approximately 500 meters to Caesar (a fast food restaurant, by the way. Krib Syukulatah delicious la wei nak makan lagi, HAHAHAHA :9 ). I do not mind to walk alone during the night but the thing is, these egyptians bukan boleh percaya sangat woh. Ada je kang yang kena kacau (like me on the other day. Freaky T____T).

So it is kinda crucial for girls to have their "musyrif" or peneman la kiranya among the guys whenever we (the girls) want to go out at night for safety precautions and all. Ramai orang cakap lelaki Mesir takut dengan lelaki Melayu I do not know why :/ Would kill to know actually but I find it to be a stupid thing to do? HAHAH. Ape aku membebel ni wei? -.-"

Oh well, I came to University at 10.05 this morning for our group pre-presentation discussion and practice. It was basically THREE hours earlier than the time that we are supposed to present. Which was good because we can practice and practice makes perfect yadda yadda yadda.

Me in action ! Phiwwit. Yes, there were NINE of us :/ Semua macam OMAIGOD ramai gilaa, HAHAHA. Padah, padah.

I am in high mode of relieve-ness to say this. The presentation was over, people ! :D Yes, I have presented my part of presentation in front of... . Oh well, few medical lecturers and a quarter of my batch? I didn't mind at all. The fewer the better XD HAHA. I am not that satisfied with my performance since my hand was shaking when I held the mic T_____T. Tak apa, tak apa. First timer. Ini ayat penyedap hati hoh.

Overall, our presentation was a success! :D HappyHappyHappy. Although there is a technical problem with the video that was supposed to be played during the presentation. Oh well, it did not harm us anyway.
My beloved PBL Group 11 Four peoples are missing in action, apparently. I will miss and cherish every laughter and knowledge that we have shared together. Awww :') It's kinda hard to accept the fact that we won't be in the same group in the next semester T____T Tsk. Tak tidur malam aku tau semalam memikirkan takkan sebilik ber-PBL dengan mereka ni lagi. You guys are the best !


Fasya said...

oh my gucci! oh my prada! oh my lv!
nuha sayang nuha sayang!
i see my friend, exschool mate, exclass mate in the last picture!
her name is atyqa suhaini :)
the tall girl!
obviously haha :D

oh my oh my :) what a small world :)
krm slm sayang kt dia ok :D

and and congrats on succeeding your presentations ;)

shaking is normal hun! :D


nhmnrh said...


ohhh yes yes yes.
her name is atyqa suhaini :DD
what a small world indeed heh. will be kirim-ing ur salam pronto. hahah.

btw, thank you so much, babe <3


Nurulhana2000 said...

Alhamdulillah it is over...Good for you and very proud of you...

Jalan malam elok2 ya kena ramai2 jgn jln sorang2...

One more thing Nua, haiya..byk grammar error la this entry..hihi..
e.g. "The presentation WAS over.."
"I will MISS and cherish...."

Take care sayang..good to know you are doing well there.

Anonymous said...



nhmnrh said...


hehhehe, thankyou mi <3

nhmnrh said...


thanks :)