Thursday, October 15, 2009

first class.

All the heart-beating-fast-than-usual disorder and nervousness that I had through out last night and early this morning for my first class as a university student was a TOTAL waste. There was nothing to be scared of -.-" Andd I was being a pathetic girl by feeling so T___T. What a wasteful way to deliver excess emotions heh.

My PBL group was filled with awesome people (you guys knew who you are) and I got an awesome tutor like seriously. Andd by awesome, I meant that he (my tutor), can speak understandable English despite of his fluency. Thank you, ya Allah ! :D Please take note that NOT ALL lecturers here in Egypt, can speak English that can be understand by Malaysian students. I knowww, rightt. *Sighs.

Anyway, Physiology lectures on Nephron was great as well. Since I have been spending my time doing notes on kidney and bla bla bla yesterday, I already have an idea on what the lecturer was going to say. Anddd, since I have recorded the lectures today with my digital voice recorder, by far, I don't think I have a problem. At least not for now, HEHE.

In conclusion (essay, much? :P), my day was GREAT GREAT GREAT. I love it And my life as a medical student have just started, baby. Wish me all the best ! :D

P/s: I'm off to compile and touch up my Physiology notes. Weee.


Fasya said...

awww i'm happy that you're having sooo much fun! :D
you totally make the world downside UP haha :D


dianna said...

omg. egypt sgt best. :)
good luck dear. blaja sebelum blaja. nice stdy tips :)

ღn0n0iღ said...

Waaaaaaaaah..semangat Nuha! Semangat! Semangat!!
Wish u all the best.
Main record ek lecture tu..
Tak pernah lak akak wat gitu.
Maybe sebab waktu akak di UMP dulu, akak tak ambik notes pun sebab lecturer yang bagi notes =P

Nak jadi doc kena lebihkan membaca notes kan..
Semangat!! Semangat!! (gym) --> ni ikon plurk =P

Anonymous said...

rajin nyer..bagus!.. i always ade penyakit 'M' (malas).n kak krina procrastinate all the time. like now, tgk, baca blog nuha plak kan when im supposed to do my hmwk.. :P i think i work better under pressure..(yakin, pastu cam kelam kabut kan! :P ) well2, hope you enjoy your life. this is the time for you to understand yourself better..anyway, rajin2 k ..n dont forget to eat vitamin C! now byk org kene flu.. till then


Nurulhana2000 said...

I am so delighted to know that you are adjusting well sayang. Make a point to discuss your notes with your will find that by helping others to understand you are actually helping yourself to understand deeper since you are reflecting on what you have learned.

Hidayah Baik said...

great! so u hv fun then! ;)

nhmnrh said...


pujian melangit pujian melangit :P
but yeah, im having so much fun here ! hehe.


nhmnrh said...


yeap, egypt best :)
thankyou so much fr the wish ! :D

nhmnrh said...

kak noi

yayyyy semangaaaaaat! :D
yeap2. kena lebihkan membaca, hihi.

nhmnrh said...

kak krina

HIHIHI. tak la rajin sangat ouh ;) nuha pun banyak je penyakit M. lagi gebu kot M dia, HAHAHA.

thankyou so much, kak krina ! :D wish you all the best, too.


nhmnrh said...


HEHE, okie dokie mi :) i'll try my best.


nhmnrh said...


thankyou sangattt hidayahhhh ! :D