Thursday, September 24, 2009

a little update.

I am almost done with packing hoyeahhoyeah XD. Ouh yess anyone can tell how HAPPY (*grin) I am with the situation right now through the emoticon I typed, HIHIHI. The hand luggage and the food-luggage (*laughoutloud) are utterly done and I am satisfied with it, weeeee (!) Oh oh, I need to pack the 'rendang daging siat' to the food-luggage and then I'm done. The prime luggage is on it's way -.-"

Just so you know, I am currently feeling eager to fly and I am about to deliver a coconut-dance-with-a-real-coconut-on-my-both-hands here :O Shocking much? I knoww *rolling eyes. I hope the feeling could just stay like this forever :P

Geez, I do have butterlies in my stomach though whenever I think of my fate in Egypt starting from next Wednesday-- intake of food, health, the unexpected things that I-should-be-expecting-from-now-on etc etc. But but but, I know I am going to be fine. Imperfectly fine, (of course) but at least it still has the word 'fine' in it, HIHIHI. InsyaAllah :)

Five more days to go and I will be actually bidding a final farewell to Malaysia. And my family. And my fellas (if they even missed me -.-"). And this blog. And you; bloggers :') tsk.


Lisa said...

Nanti law balik sini..

Belikan buah tangan..

Hidayah Baik said...

kite plak yg cuak. terasa mcm kite yg nak pergi jaoh hehe.

Fasya said...

ow man
teary teary! LOL

ofcourse we're gonna miss you silly :P

xoxo :)

sasha* said...

wah lg 4 hari je nak safe ok?semoga berjaya mencapai cita-cita :)

green said...

bnyk malaysians kat sane ..
be cool..

nhmnrh said...


haha, sis bawakkan kurma okkeyh? :P

nhmnrh said...


tkpe² awk tlg risaukan utk kita heh *winkwink

nhmnrh said...


teary keeee? ROFL

haha. siapakah 'WE' tersebut heh? :P


nhmnrh said...


thankyou so much, dear ;)
insyaAllah, i will.

nhmnrh said...


heee, agaklah ramai.
tu yg best tu.
insyaAllah, nuha dingin je nanti :P