Monday, September 28, 2009

definitely a S.O.S.



There's a girl stranded in front of her laptop and she is about to burst into tears any time now.


In front of her laptop, you clever!


She will be freakishly awaaay from her beloved family and country. We have a serious situation here HELLO.

Need medications?

Yar thin'?

Ask her to believe in herself and the quality she poses then. Besides that, told her to set up her mind that she is going to study for her future andd she was the one who made the decision at the first place. Other than that, she is ready and off to go.


P/s: Rechecking the priorities of the things to be brought and pack pack pack!


fawani said...

huu. tiba-tiba terikut sedih pulak nuha nak fly. haha. anyway, good luck dear. da kat sane nanti pun rajin2 lah update blog tau. hee. tk care.xoxo :)

Naddie Anuar said...

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going (goes shopping pon bley ;p ). Lalala~

Ini adalah mengejar impian oke. Kalau x sanggup nak kejar your dreams, sila lah duduk di rumah sahaja sampei bebile.

InsyaAllah jumpe esok kt airport ye. Blog nie akan still be updated kan once Nuha settled down kt jauh tu kan?. Nak tau perkembangan. :)

arelynn said...

okek ...
sadis giler ...
jgn sedih2... kat sana bole dpt byk pengalaman ... view kat sana cantek2.. nanti tangkap gamba byk2 okek ...
Good luck dear...~~!!!

Hidayah Baik said...

nuhaaaa!! byebye flying :')

nhmnrh said...


awwww :')
jangan sedihsedih okkay?
insyaAllah, i'll be updating real soon, harhar.
*kalau ada internet nanti, hehe.
u take care too!

nhmnrh said...

kak naddie

thankyouuuuu <3
andd sangat setuju with the 2nd paragraph.

nhmnrh said...

kak arelynn

sadis heh? :))
hee, insyaAllah ana la tahzan ;)

thankyou so much fr everything, kak alinnnn


nhmnrh said...


thankyou hidayaaaah :))