Saturday, August 29, 2009

semua berlaku macam kilat.

Ya, macam kilat. Tiba-tiba berlaku dengan sangat pantas (macam bullet).

Gosh. Time flies pretty fast lately. It does. It really does. Just look at the date today and the countdown counter I have on the upper sidebar. I am exactly one month away from my flight :O Gila. Sangat gila. On the other hand, life is treating me quite well I must say. I just have some catching up to do and (I pray) I will be fine. I hope so :)

Oh oh, I can't wait for tonight (!) I will be having some sort of a small gathering with my former classmates of 5science1 2008 for those who will be flying to overseas at the kopitiam in front of the lake. And like Diba said, I have a good feeling that tonight will be a good night :)

Can't wait to meet them weh :')


Anonymous said...

Sebulan lagi. Hm.

Kena spend masa dengan orang-orang tersayang untuk bekalan rindu bila dh sampai sana.


nhmnrh said...

kak nurul

yesss so trueee :(
omaigod, tak sgka tinggal sbulan je lg T_____T