Sunday, August 30, 2009

a nice night indeed.

I sukakan gambar ni secara sangat dan extreme. Em, rasanya takpayah membagitau kenapa pun sebab anda semua terror mentafsir bukan? Bagus. I missed this bloody much. Cikgu Rugayah too, of course. Entah siapa dulu cakap she hated school pun tak tau lah (cynical much) -.-"

What I love about the picture? Em em, all the people I love and who have been rocking my high school years were stuffed in one room okkay bukan room tapi biology lab :D This picture was taken after we dissected the rats to see their organs. If you look closely and spot me, you can see that I was actually holding the rat's liver on my right hand, HARHARHAR.

The small gathering was nice. Eventhough I was lost at first and had to text several persons to know the exact place of the hangout. Thanks (with an inverted comma) to Danial for answering my text by: 'I xtau. Haha.' He gave me a Haha? -.-" Dann, you mengadaa. Eventually, Ariff and Syrrul gave me the correct direction so, a bow for both of you :) Especially Ariff. I do not know how on earth he even got my number oh well.

I already parked my car at the Kedai Kopi at the lake whereas the Kedai Kopi that they actually meant was located along the muzeum and library of Tun Uda. Sheesh. Diba was already there with Roshini and Sandra. Syrrul, Ili and Tariq arrived just before me. Ariff and Sadiq arrived later after me. And Danial called me when I threatened him to go back early. I laughed like mad reading his text.

Me: Dan, u jauh lg eh? I dh nk balik :(

Dan: I otw, naek kete. U dok situ diam2. Jgn balik lg.

At last, I got to meet him after several months we didn't got a chance to meet up. Rindu zaman I kerek dengan you (and we still are -.-"). Lagi zaman skandal :P Rindu rindu rindu T______T He's one of my closest guy friends and terbaik kot. Heh.

Well, since I was given a curfew by my parents, I had to make my move at 9.45 (plus minus) so that I can arrive at home before ten and I did :) Yay me. Walaupun tak boleh nak continue chatting with the rest of the former classmates, it's okay. I had a nice night to be remembered. Wouldn't be the last one before I'm flying I hope.

Gosh. Koraaaang, rinduuu ;(


Hidayah said...

owa bukak page terus nampak gamba tengkorak nasib baik skrg bulan ramadhan haha setan sume takde haha


nhmnrh said...


HAHA. itu teman terbaik kitorang tu, hahaha.
eih, apa kena mengena setan dengan tengkorak? :P