Saturday, July 25, 2009

typical birthday girl.

Hanya untuk melengkapkan syarat menyambut Ulang Tahun sendiri.
Yes, I've been sharing my birthday cake with my daddy since forever.
And THAT is not and never will be a problem :)
To answer your question;
No, I don't share the same date of birth with him ...
I was born on 25th and my daddy was on 26th of July.
Major gap of years, OBVIOUSLY :P
Me with the tempting Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe.
Bunch of thanks to those who wishes me on FACEBOOK a Happy Birthday.
Cousins, bloggers and friends from GMN.
especially my sayang; thanks for the lovely presents ♥
Dan untuk rakan sekolah macam Nabel yang sanggup call tengah malam tadi OhMyGod.
Terharu, okay? T__T
Love you guys so much. Mucho much.

p.s: ignore the Read More please and thank you.


Hidayah said...

seronok giler dapat share bday with your dad ;)

Naddie Anuar said...

happy bessday nuha and uncle hakim jugak!! :)

nhmnrh said...


hee. thanks, hidayah :DD

nhmnrh said...


thank you so much kak naddie :'D

Fasya said...

i'm so sorry! i x check langsung!

happy belated birthday nuha!!

and omg! 2 more months and egypt here you go! XD

i wish you all the happiness in the world, and hope ur life is filled with joy and excitement, let the sadness be less and unworthy compare to the happiness you gain :)

haha agak pelik advice i tu-_-"

apa2 je la !hahha :D

love ya ;)


nhmnrh said...

hee. gwanchanayo, fasya :)

thank you so much for the wish and the advice as well :'D
terharu kot T__T

ily <3