Monday, July 13, 2009

blog lounge #030

1. Who is the awesome-est person who tagged you? *don't forget to link.
  • Farah Syafiqah also known as Fasya. Thanks mucho for tagging me darling (Err. Well, literally you were tagging all the person who loves you; which I THINK I'm included. Heh -.-")
2. Tell us something about you.
  • I was named Nuha Muneerah almost 18 years ago, AHAAHA. That's freaking obvious isn't it? -.-"

  • Take serious note that my birthday is just around the corner :P (Hint: The day Alfonso de Albuquerque attacked Malacca in 1511)

  • I am worrying myself to death about my decision to further my studies in Egypt. Aih. (I should stop doing that actually or I might end up suffering from mental illness rather than being a psychiatrist, HAR HAR HAR).

  • Currently in mood of revising Biology so that I will NOT be left out when the semester starts in early October. Arghht! (Screaming out of stress, excuse me).

  • That's it. Others remain as mysteries for you to find out yourself. (or I might as well spilling it out here somewhere. So much of extremist me -.-" )
3. What is your reason to blog?
  • I find it was interesting to have a sort like online diary (Frankly, Bieyto is not really a diary to me. He is more like a blog [?] OhMyGod, I speak Alien -.-")

  • Well, I just love to write since I was this, no, THIS small and I used to write novel for personal collection (I do let a few friends of mine to read and give comments but I swear it's a history now).

  • As stated in the header, I tends to express myself in my very own way. And this blog seems to be kind enough to let me express myself in a writing-way :D AHAHAH.
4. List and link 5 favourite post from your blog.
  • Firstly, saya mahu kahwin begini. (It was an entry about my view towards wedding and how I want mine to be like, HAHAHA. With a pre-wedding montage and all, I must say that was one cute entry :P)

  • Secondly, aku doakan kau dapat hidayah. (An emotional entry T__T It was meant for those evil anonymous out there. Sit back and enjoy. You might learn something from this entry. Or not. I don't know -.-").

  • Then, tak pasti siapa mereka. (Absolute controversial entry. Major one. Again, about a wedding ceremony and I enjoyed writing it somehow, HAR HAR HAR. Sorry, mate T__T)

  • Next, mungkin aku patut terus gila. (Another emotional entry regarding my life. Should you read this, just keep to yourself, okay? *smile).

  • Last but not least, trilogi sebuah persahabatan. (A sad and touching story about my friendship with my dear darling friends OhILoveYouGuys. This was some kind like the last gathering for us before we went to separate ways entering university T__T).
p.s; As so you know, this was hard as I had to flip through all my posts and chose the best five out of them. Aih. But I assure you it was worth it, hee.
5. Tag 5 awesome people and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
  • Kak Arelynn (If you do have a spare time, teeheehee)

  • Kak Naddie.

  • Fawani.

  • Nasquin.

  • Anyone yang interested nak buat, go ahead :D
P.s; Abaikan 'Read More' :)

Whatsoever: I wonder why I kept thinking about money recently -___-"


arelynn said...

Nunu :
Takde maknanyer tak leh wat ... hahah ... Nunu ... tak bole nak copy soklan tuh la pasal Nunu ckp copyright ...

nhmnrh said...

hee. kejap eh kak alin nnti nuha ajar.

Anonymous said...

nuha, it might be a lil bit late nak comment kat entry ni since u dah buat new one..but still nak comment jugak...ngeee :D

well, i read your entry "saya mahu kahwin begini", since tgh cuti byk masa utk dibazirkan..ahaks (kalau la nenek taw bangun tdo tghari sbb malam2 bz with internet, sure dpt free lecture !) ..kak krina sgt2 fikir the same thing about the idea of tak nak looking at myself as someone yg sanggup kerja bermatian2 (insyallah) utk something yg saya suke..(harap2 keje nnti suke la jugak field ni, insyallah).. and i always, wanted to help people..mcm slalu berangan i have lots of money and bleyh pergi south africa, bosnia, honduras , sierra leone and etc, so that i can help ambil sorang or dua jadi anak angkat.. for me, after all life is complicated enough, why make it even more complicated kan?!! just like what u've said, kalau kawin tapi cerai buat aper kan? but i always see myself if divorce ever happen to me, just take it as part and parcel of life, dont take it too serious..well, well, i like the idea of people being workaholic, takder jodoh, ambil anak angkat and still can be happy.. :)

but if dah ader someone special *ehem*ehem* (seperti empunya blog ni), harus la work it out dlu ya.. haha :)

any hood, sesaje menyibuk kat sini..enjoy reading your biology book.. it is an interesting material if you make yourself attracted to it.. it is just a state of mind.. t care ya.. till then..

-kak krina-

Fasya said...

yey! nuha buat! haha
i was actually expecting you to do it!

love ya! :D

nhmnrh said...


hehe, blh je comment, kak krina :DD
HAHAHA. yg part bangun tdur tengah hari tu, nenek dah tegk nuha buat secara LIVE lagi :P

and extremely agree on being workaholic, bahagia and etc :))
tak semestinya tak kahwin tak happy, btul tak?

someone special? AHAHAHA.
i don't know -.-" tak nak fikir lagi,hee.

thank you for sharing you thoughts, kak krina :DD

u take care too.

nhmnrh said...


haha. yayy~ i did it already.

lyt <3