Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"oh, saya tahu!" dengan teruja

1. In Twilight, what birthday present from her mom does she regret not packing?
; victoria secret's silk pajamas.

2. In New Moon, who is the 1st to greet Bella happy birthday?

; alice.

3. What does her dad giver her for her birthday?

; a camera.

4. What does her mom give her?

; a scrap book.

5. According to Bella, what’s the worst thing that happens with birthdays?

; getting older each year.

6. According to Edward, at what age do women usually start getting upset over their birthdays?

; it was 29 i think.

7. What movie do Bella & Edward watch before heading to her party at the Cullen's?

; romeo and juliet.

8. What does Edward let Bella do since it’s her birthday?

; he let her drive.

9. Edward says the Cullens are excited for Bella because the last birthday party they had was in 1935. For who?

; emmett.

10. What color and what flower does Alice use abundantly for Bella’s birthday party?

; pink for the color and roses for the flower.

11. What color are her presents wrapped in?

; silver.

12. What present does Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper give her?

; a car stereo.

13. Whose present causes Bella to cut her finger?

; alice's and edward's.

14. What do Carlisle & Esme get her?

; two plane tickets to visit her mother.

15. What does Edward give her?

; a cd of his compilations.

16. What belated gift does Jake give her for her birthday?

; a red motorcycle.

17. In Breaking Dawn, for her birthday, Bella gets keys to what?

; a cottage and her "after car", a ferrari.

18. Who is the 1st to greet Bella for her 19th Birthday?

; alice.

whatsoever: hampir habis baca breaking dawn. sedih, T,T


Hidayah said...

aghh aghh aghh

shadah..♥ said...

kte dpt jwb smua soalan excpt the last one cuz xbca lg...

jealous gile kau dah abis breaking dawn!!!!

saya said...


mengapakah anda berteriak sedemikian rupa? -________-"

saya said...


brava!! :DD
haiyyo. jangan jealous maa. cepat baca, cepat baca!

Hidayah said...

spoiler aghh aghh aghh
hahahah. poyo gila hahah.

saya said...


haha. dah agak dah.
jawab soalan jeeeee :P