Saturday, February 14, 2009

blog lounge #005

tag dari miss chocolate :)

the rules; google an image to find the answers to the questions below. then you must choose the picture on the first page of result and post it as your answer. then tag some people.

1. the age of your next birthday.
*the gold ticket for every crime. hahaha*
2. place i would like to travel
*behold. the jeju island, south korea.**there, new zealand :)*
3. favourite place
*what can i do ouh, the books took my soul since i knew abc*
*the mall is in my list, people*
4. favourite food
*it was meant to be eat with mixed tomyam. hahaha*
5. favourite things
*my first husband ever*
*my link to the pictures and people even bateri cepat habis*
6. my nickname
*credits to arvie and xaty dearies*
7. my favourite colour
*red eye itu devil. laughoutloud*
8. my hobby
*this is so me. daydreaming while reading. ngeh*
*i am surfing the internet. get it?*
9. my love
*yes. you are my world, love*
10. bad habits
*LAZY is my middle name. hohoho*
11. my wish lists
*11 a1's in spm, insyaAllah*
*study medicine in overseas*

whatsoever: tag paling lama nak buat ouh -_____-"

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