Tuesday, February 10, 2009

bicara tentang perasaan

do you know the feelings when you like or love someone but you can't have him so you scribbles some words of your feelings on a piece of paper? well, i do. dan awak... perasaan pernah menyukai awak tu menyakitkan. seriously. tapi awak tak kan pernah faham. sebab awak tak rasa apa yang saya rasa, (hah, ambil kau. emosi gila tahap nak makan kucing punya food. ewww).

to those yang pernah rasa kecewa, i would like to share these words with you guys :)

do you know how hard it is when the guy you've waited for four years finally confessed he likes someone... and she is not you? i do.
sayakata: i am badly hurt.

he has been rejecting every single of my intentions to call him until finally... i get used to his rejections. but why i can still feel that huge pain of the word rejection when he admits that he likes other girl instead of me?
sayakata: i am so stupid.

why can't i realize i meant nothing to him? i'm just one of his ordinary friends. i am his so called i-am-sad-and-i-know-you-will-be-there-for-me to him. i am his tissue- the one that he can throw after being used. i can't believe how dumb i have been all this while. he surely doesn't need me when he has someone that he can spent his time with. but why can't the someone be me?
sayakata: i am hopeless insane.

notes; those words were written on 2007 :)

whatsoever: i used to say i look at guys soullessly as he took my heart away.


eatmyshort said...

nice choices of words babe!

saya said...

thank you kak amie :)

dasar orang kecewa and emosi, lol


dEe-Nie said...

kau ni.. lukis gmbr 'love kecewa' pon leh lukis lawa2 lg en.. hbt2x..

saya said...

ingatkn nak condemn lukisan aku td.
thanks, deenie :D