Friday, February 13, 2009

blog lounge #004

another tag from wafiqah :)

1. for breakfast, what do you prefer today?
; god. that wasn't easy since i haven't had my breakfast. yet.

2. have you take a bath before you complete this tag?
; i would be crazy if i haven't doii. ini sudah jam berapa!

3. show your worst picture. why did you said it is worst?
; i have one tapi this bloody blogger tak bagi upload ouh. damn you. update later lah.

4. do you addicted to make up?
; i would say yes to the eye-liner je. haha.

5. if you have a chance to meet the actor, who is the one that you choose?
; kenapa satu je ouh. sekali harung banyak tak leh ke. em. i would choose lee dong wook. wee.

whatsoever: buku ni nak datang ke tak weyh. haram jadah sungguh.

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