Sunday, December 21, 2008

the time has come

dah lama sebenarnya simpan tag dari fasya ni. hee.
utk standby kalau tiba tiba tak ada idea nak post entri ttg apa dan keboringan.
dan dalam simpanan, masih ada dua lagi tag yang belum complete -.-"
okays. mari kita mulakan.

you have an ex? what if he said these to you?
ini ditujukn kpd hrssfwnbsrn. terima kasih.

1. hi. how are you?
; ouh, hi. im still breathing. thanks ;)

2. hey. you want to go the mall?
; i think you can go by yourself. ada kaki kan?

3. i love you...
; haha. you just gave me a joke, aren't you? boo, too late.

4. do you want some cookies?
; er.. as long as awak tak letak love potion, sure.

5. can you take me a picture?
; what's the use of both of your hands then. speak.

6. help me in my homework!
; you are bright enough. you dont need me.

7. here's my gift to you.
; alaaahai. buang tabiat ke hapeh awak neyh.

8. let's just be textmates
; bazir kredit. i dont have that desire anymore.

9. do you want me to buy you an ipod?
; gilaa. beli utk erina tu lagi bagus. dia happy, awak pn bahagia. easy.

10. let's sit together in the bus
; woah. what? you are my bodyguard now?

11. hi baby
; dont you ever dare...!

12. you are still cute
; am glad that you STILL realize that, sf.

13. i still love you
; awak merepek apa neyh.

14. can i visit your house?
; tengok dari luar dah ler.

15. do you love me?
; once upon a time. it's already turn into nightmares. seriously.

16. i tag to..
; kamu yg tgh usha blog saya ;)

whatsoever: i did the aura test and it turned out that im the mixture of fire and water *gasp*

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