Saturday, November 15, 2008

the myths of heart

suara hati. yeap. dengarlah kata hati anda. pfft.
what am i merepek-ing ini.
sudah macam iklan lah pula kan, kan.
back to the main point. pernahkah anda dgr ttg mitos ini...?

when you are searching for someone you love,
well, not exactly the cari jodoh okay.
its more to when u can't find him/her at certain moment.
cthnya: he went to buy an ubi rebus and u didn't know which place he went.
so, close your eyes and imagine his face.
say it in your heart that you wanted to find him.
and count from one until five.
p/s: do it in a very slow motion pls!
and at the count of five,, open your eyes slowly. i said slowly.
and u can see him in less than 100 metres from u.

sweet isnt it...?
i mean, its all about trusting your heart.

you are on the tallest/highest tower of your country.
p/s: kat malaysia, kl tower lah kot.
okay, i knew that it's 421m above ground level.
but i didnt know how many levels the kl tower have. is it 60?

whatsoever: anyone yg tau, let me know and i'll do corrections.

assuming it is 60, the kl tower surely have a lift, right?
again, assuming that to get to the 60 level,
it would take one minute and forty seconds depending on the speed.
if u hold ur breath for the full one minute and forty seconds,
any wishes of yours will come true.

hmm. ini pelik sikit. however, u can still try though.

credit: diolah semula dari filem my girl :)


AraShI said...

hehe btowl ke?? nak cube lar!!

saya said...

nak cuba? boleh sayangg :DD