Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the lenguh-hand day

second day of spm and there is still no signs of nervous.
okay. my feelings are getting weirder.
last night, i even spent time an hour to watch tv.
the hilarious series of awan dania on channel 104 Astro. pfft.

scha sangat selamba dan that guy sangat macho ! xD

i did do some revision on history.
its the paper two of history people. essays.
english. damn. i wasted about an hour for section a.
still. i manage to catch up and finish my more than 350 words essay.
half an hour break and me,zah&qys were studying literature.
we were hoping that moral values or themes..
but hey- its the spm.

malangnya yg keluar:

describe the ending of the novel you had learnt.
explain why you find the ending of the novel is either happy or sad.

whatsoever: ada some parts yg missing kot. abaikan.

well. me is me and saya goreng itu cerita smpai jadi tiga pages. wohoo.
ada yang menjeling dan rasa sangat cemburu. pfft.
ada yang pandang dengan rasa stress.
aduuhai. *sighs*

the history part: its killing me like crazy!
head raced on and heart beating vigorously. seriously.
and bila buka soalan. hmmm.
not that easy and not that hard. not hard as i was imagine it wud be.
kira tahap suam-suam kuku. syukur :)

as well as yesterday, the exam ended at 4.30 pm.

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