Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the day of doom

yes. my day of doom. i shud be afraid. i shud be feeling nervousing whatsoever.
but surprisingly, i didnt. was the nerve in me somewhat in trouble..?
the minute i sit on my chair and placed my ic and exam slip,
i felt calm. im in peace. duhh.
the first day of my malaysia education certificate (mec)
credit: idea asal perkataan ini dari nas :)

whatsoever: it still the spm people. hmm.

the first paper was bahasa melayu paper 1.

not bad.

the history paper 1 after one hour break,,

damn. well, i did my best.

the second paper of bahasa melayu ended at 4.30
p/s: saya sangat berbau x)

okay. apakah yang telah terjadi ! soalan sgt pelik.

ya, selamat tinggal bahasa melayu.

whatsoever: ditujukan kepada komsas juga.

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